let kissing

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Motto: Today’s story happened tomorrow, paradoxically… More specifically, tomorrow I’ll be precisely on the point of intersection of at least four horizons: the vanity, courage, disappointment and ecstasy. I’m will beginning to homogenize everything into the mixer of events forgotten… The resulting cream will be given as a healing at the temples, as with the strong essences…
The morning breeze brought me a reflected echo from the future of a monologue that will be done:

Please, do not paralyze my smile; your eyes are a chisel on a sky of plush… Get back in here…
until there is a here…
Please, let gestures the so, does not make sense to go all the way…
Please, do not be so sort of prude inside, turn on the light, let you kissing until
the lips it dissolve, until our bodies turn into treble sound

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