my escape – il mio rifugio – scăparea mea

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valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text, English version by Mihaela Jahn

The moment passes like a whore
From one dial onto another, smiling a dry and inviting smile
Proud, her nose up in the air, as if the wind were hers
My stupidity grows like a snake fed on goats
And a thousand words come, barge in, demanding their right
To be written, their graphite share, thinning my bones
A neuron is chasing a she neuron, if only he knew that she was barren…
Dreams spread embers and second hand meteoric hopes
My escape, the wine, the thin sliver of reality comes in with the cold, through the cracked window
My escape, the bathtub, in which I move with all my books
I am scrubbing helplessness and futile meanings off of them, the shine of vain
And I am waiting to grow scales and a tail – If mermaids exist, mermen can too…

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