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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

a new fear creeps as thin as a cold
then besieging the slice of heaven that
you with the claimed with the both nostrils
the incomprehensible does not bite, always overshadows most of the light
you can rub, blow in the hands, it is also possible to take the gloves, but
somewhere above it is getting colder and you not have a sort of umbrella
like for the heat waves or the rain…
perceptions are not tied to a muscle, could be became all learned from the sport
maybe it’s not fear, only curiosity
perhaps the salt block is not so great as to demolish
the factory of hopes
the steps slow down, cold slow descends, the fear is, yes, is she…
for that day without tomorrow without yesterday perhaps it is this …and
there are so many things left hanging… and wich
you alone
alone by you……

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