the stranger – lo straniero – străinul

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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

everything is going in front of me
orchestras and yards are waiting for me, liveliness is intact
back someone erasing the chalkboard with sponge of my shadow
all the memories belong to a foreigner
Earth, in every rotation, is rising
Now, here, there is only the intention, the step imminent
in drunkenness of wind, dust covers any alleged accomplishments
me consume expectations and asymmetries, giving me the illusion of the facts
all are in front of me almost perfect
the space is attenuate, is widespread, and no matter how fast I would run
I will not be there in the jumps, without suffering all births
and the pain of childbirth, the cries deaf …the impeccable expectations…
the stranger approaching will not dare to exceed me, he knows
in the front line of the war of wasted I’m only able to fight and
who will be able…

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