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valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

Good Evening, Fear
– goo…!
How I am?
– ooo…
Tomorrow I’ll put the consonants on the right,
at hand, and the vowels on the left
we entered the scene, now let’s start:
Rain is doing ,,stand up,, at my window
I and the other I, it quarrel to decide who one of us
will be Santa Claus this year
in the tip of the tree of lemon in front of the house, the Moon is filled
the fear, directly proportional
consonants were crushed between the teeth, vowels rise
sense contrary to rain
Peace. There will be two Santa Claus, but no baby.
lemons laugh at the batty drops of rain, even if they have listened to their jokes, always the same
Fear creeps yellow, decorum must be restored as before
otherwise, Christmas will be repeated every day until you reach perfection…

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