Earth – just a intermediate stage /Terra – solatanto una tappa intermedia/Terra – doar o etapă intermediară

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valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text

people astray in the characters, ranging satanic
towards an intangible paradise
– the plants are transformed into mammals, mammals in the gods
there is still way up to man
How many can fit on a tear, this poor planet…
the rain opens an umbrella anti-people
threads of water are filaments of safe, the currents discharges from the bottom up

– the characters it changed in the presence of the sky
and by intents, energy ostensibly static, accumulate over limit –
rheumatic continents of slag, the genesis has been done elsewhere, not here
the scenery seem flawless, but the director wants more
not characters humble to worship him
up there is inflation of gods, he want people and from where?…
in this world of the world, of the names and roles, intrigue and the hunger for applause –
the paradise will always be empty, vacuum and vanity…

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