the node – il nodo – nodul

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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

to write, and how it was really needed,
you take the dose of melancholy carefully preserved as holy bread
or you let to bite the irony of the cheek, neck, from the heel…
you invent the happiness or disasters believing that absolutely will decorate
the eye of your single reader
My pencil, sharp irregularly, hands me a sheet
whispers me in a voice of graphite: write you, write you with something else
I cannot stand to be played between your teeth, you stink of cigarettes, wine,
of woman’s breast …you are incorrigible, pulling with the teeth of this life…
Well, I said, and I wiped his face with the sheet
The next day, on the table stained with wine, ash, with the yellowed photos
sleeping with the broken tip, on the sheet, without ending last line…
a folded corner…

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